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Vacation in Thailand leaves 20 year 

old Brit paralyzed from the waist 

down & Retired paraplegic Brit: “I 

am like a prisoner in my own home”

Vacation in Thailand leaves 20 year old Brit paralyzed from the waist down

The holiday of a lifetime has turned into a nightmare for 20 year old David Eastham from Manchester in the UK. During his dream vacation in THailand with five friends the student was thrown from the back of a motorbike when the driver lost control, he suffered a broken back, broken left shoulder, a punctured lung, a bleed on the brain, cracked ribs and nerve damage to his left forearm.

Mr Eastham has now been flown back to the UK after receiving three weeks of treatment and operations in Thailand. He is being treated at the North West Regional Spine Injury Centre in Southport, paralysed from the waist down he faces a very long road to recovery.

Although medical care for his injuries was covered by the insurance company, this did not cover the expenses for his family to be by his bedside and his family have found themselves almost five thousand pounds out of pocket. His family are now desperate to raise five thousand pounds towards equipment and the facilitate to help David complete his final year at Northumbria University where he studies business management. His mother Janet has set up a crowdfunding website you can visit by clicking here.

David’s mother is also keen to warn others of the dangers of riding motorbikes in Thailand, David’s insurance only covered him for bikes of less than 50cc, which are not available for hire in the Kingdom and it was only after lengthy negotiation with the insurance company they agreed to cover some of the costs.

Retired paraplegic Brit: “I am like a prisoner in my own home”

A retired British expat who suffered a horrific road accident in Thailand has spoken about his retirement village in the north east of Thailand where he feels like a prisoner in his own home.

Colin, 70, has lived in Thailand for the last seven years. At first things were fine in his village near Ban Phai south of Khon Kaen.

The first three years were idyllic then the scourge of drugs transformed everything. And lack of police action or anything decisive from local officials has left the paraplegic in a desperate situation.

Now to make matters much worse there was a murder of a disabled Thai man just four doors away from his own house. Thai TV Channel 7 were on the scene as a local man who had been asked by the victim’s mother to look after her son was paraded for a reenactment of the crime.

The victim was beaten with a bottle and a lump of concrete over a petty argument about some Mama noodles.

Colin said that the murderer is part of a drug family that is terrorising his once quiet village.

“This disabled man had a mobility scooter as he had polio as a child. He would wave to me and say “hello” in English most days,” said Colin. “Now he is dead”.

This happened just a few days ago and in a latest worrying twist a dog and a pig has been poisoned at his sister-in-law’s house just 100 meters away where Colin’s wife – a school director aged 49 – was born.

“I fear for my own safety.” “If someone came at me I would find it almost impossible to defend myself.

“This used to be a lovely quiet village,” he said. “I am the only farang in a ten kilometer radius to my knowledge.

Colin came more than 50 times to Thailand over a 21 year period but eventually decided to settle in the village seven years ago. He said that all was fine for the first three years then the scourge of drugs took over.

Source; Samuitimes

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